Some rules are just too fun to break.
Stay ahead of the competition by looking up how you can play our different games before your visit. Isn’t it nice to be a know-it-all?


Try this deadly twist on the classic knock-out game. Hit your assigned target to get a shield. One shield equals one life. If you get three shields, you’ll receive a sword and become a Killer. As you might have guessed, the Killers target is to knock out the opponents. Last player standing is crowned the winner!


A good aim is important in darts, but in Shanghai it’s essential. This game is all about getting the highest score at the end of 7 rounds. To win, you must hit the number presented each round. Round 1, number 1. Round 2, number 2. You get the drill. But to get the instant winning Shanghai, you must hit a single, double AND triple in just one round! Easy-peasy.

High striker

Want to be the High Striker? Then you need to get a better score than the previous player. If you can’t beat it, you lose one life. The trick here is to aim for the high numbers since the last player standing wins the whole game!


Have you tried the classic 501 game? The 201 is our spin on it. The rules are easy, just try to go from 201 to 0 points as fast as you can to beat your opponents. The fastest player is the winning player. But be aware! If you throw more points than you need you get busted and lose all your points from that round. Yikes!