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How do I pronounce Oche?

In Norwegian you pronounce it [åkki] and in English [ocki].

What is an oche?

An oche is the space where you play darts, eat and hang out with your friends. You will have your own private zone at our venue.

Is there a dress code?

All we ask is that you put on some clothes. Other than that, we don’t care what you wear.

What is the age limit?

You must be at least 20 years old to play at Oche. Every day before 6pm we are open for guests under 20 yrs old. If you are bringing younger guests it is important that you talk to our amazing booking department first to get it confirmed on your booking.

Is there a disabled access?

Yes! We’ve made sure everyone is welcome at Oche. But if you make a reservation, please let us know if there are any disabled quests in your party, and we will arrange the best oche for everyone to play at.

Can I bring my own darts?

Since our brand-new technology needs our special darts to function, you are unfortunately not allowed to use your own. We also only want one set of darts per group for safety reasons.

Are you open for lunch?

No. But be sure to come in later to enjoy some great Oche-food!

When should we arrive for our booking?

It will be great if you arrive 15 minutes before your booking, so that we can get you set up in your eating, drinking and playing station as quickly as possible. If you want to come even earlier, you are more than welcome to relax in our well stocked bar.

Can we stay in the venue after playing?

Please do! There is room enough for all of you to continue the party. But if your group is large, please let us know if you want to stick around afterwards.

Do I need to book to play?

Its highly recommended, but there’s no problem if oches are available. Just ask in the reception, and we will put your name on the list for the next available slot.

Can we play while we eat?

That’s the best thing about Oche – we love to eat and play at the same time! Just book your food at your oche, and a waiter will come running with our fresh and tasty sharing platters.

How long is the waiting time?

Waiting time varies depending on how busy we are, but there’s plenty of space in our two-floor venue. Just ask our reception team, and they’ll let you know what to expect. And of course, just grab a drink or a bite to eat in our bar area while you wait for a free oche.

Can I have a drink/food in the bar but not play?

Our amazing food and drink menu is worth a trip alone, and there is plenty of room to hang around. Just kick back, relax and enjoy!

Can I reserve a dining table in the restaurant before/after I play darts?

Absolutely! If you want to book a dining table, please send an email to bookoslo@ochedart.com. You can also book a dining table without playing darts.

I would love to buy a gift card to my friend at Oche! Is this something you are selling?

Yes! We are selling physical gift cards that can be used to pay for games and food. You can choose your own amount and pay at Oche. You cannot buy this online, only at the venue. The gift card lasts for 1 year.